About Calcutta Cosmopolitan Club

Welcome to Calcutta Cosmopolitan Club online. The club provides for its member a platform for like-minded people to come together and enjoy its various facilities. Located in the niche heart of Kolkata, the club built across a sprawling real estate provides facilities for its members and guests.

The Club was incorporated on 20th of June 1946 under Indian Companies Act VII of 1913. The First President of the Club was Smt. C. K. Lakhmanan.

Situated at the heart of the Ballygunge Circular Road, the club is a home away from home in the bustling city. Having its own share of history from the days of Indian Independence, the club is the definitive place of respite for the elites. The Club boasts of its elaborate lawn tennis court, bar, dining areas such as Gay Lord, Balcony, Sequence along with children playing area, and recreational areas such as gym and spa.

This club takes pride on being one of the few clubs of Kolkata which caters to children and adults. This perfect family getaway has gone through several phases of transitions maintaining the tradition and inculcating the essence of the contemporary within it. Calcutta Cosmopolitan Club by its facilities can be benchmarked at par with the international standards

The charm of the club is not only in its infrastructure, but the club’s own personnel who will leave you enthralled with their personalized service and commitment to your needs. The standard of hospitality which is being provided in the club is of the best in its kind.